Warp13 Firmware

The Warp13 firmware download page at the authorís site can be confusing at times. For this reason, the latest Warp13 Firmware is available below. Customers who are interested in beta versions of the firmware or upgrading an older 4MHz Warp13 should visit the author, NEWFOUND ELECTRONICS.

If you use MPLAB to drive the Warp13, please insure that you have MPLAB version 5.70 or later as recent Warp13 Firmware requires it. Your current Firmware version and bootloader presence can be displayed from the Warp13 Windows Interface under Help | About.


An update should be considered if one of these is true:

You simply like to keep your equipment up to the latest revision level.
You have advanced into a programmable device that your current firmware does not support.

What is required to update:

  1. A Warp13 with an integrated bootloader.
  2. The latest Warp13 Windows Interface.
  3. The latest Warp13 Firmware file from above.

Recommendations before updating:

Never begin an update if there is a reasonable likelihood that the power will be interrupted, such as during stormy weather. As is always the case when updating firmware by bootloader, there is a slim possibility that the system will fail to function following a power outage or other unforeseen interruption while updating. A simple one-time operation of programming RX28 Firmware into a spare PIC16F876-20/SP before the update is started will eliminate downtime if the bootloader requires recovery. Please consider it.

Update procedure:

  1. Update to the latest Warp13 Windows Interface.
  2. Download the latest Warp13 Firmware file into the directory with Warp13.exe.
  3. Connect the Warp13 as you would during any normal programming session.
  4. Start the Warp13 Windows Interface.
  5. From the menu, select Help | About and click the Firmware Version button.
  6. Record the Bootloader Serial Number (very important for replacement).
  7. From the menu, select File | Do BluePole Firmware Update (*.neb files will be listed).
  8. Select and open the latest Firmware update file.
  9. The update process begins automatically.
  10. From the menu, select Help | About and click the Firmware Version button.
  11. Verify that the new Firmware Version is displayed.
  12. Your Warp13 Device Programmer is now updated!


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